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Licensed Depot

77G Licensed Depot

We operate a Customs 77G Licensed Depot. Under this accreditation, we are able to ‘underbond’ cargo which is not Customs cleared to our premises. For example, in circumstances where a timely Customs Clearance is unable to be completed due to a delay of documentation. We can transport full containers from the wharf as well as LCL cargo from unpacking depots to our warehouse until cleared and ready for delivery. You benefit by saving on high storage charges billed by wharf operators & other depots.
This licensing allows us to unpack FAK, FCX and FCL containers which we do on a regular basis.

 Quarantine Approved Premises

Our warehouse also has an Approved Arrangement with the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources as an accredited 1.3 Quarantine Approved Premises. This allows for the handling of goods subject to quarantine and inspections to be conducted at our location, whereby cargo can be directed for appropriate treatment if required.