Cargo Availability


Deliver order/s and any release documents (eg. Biosecurity directions/releases/underbonds) MUST be emailed to prior to the collecting driver arriving at our premises. We will not accept hard copy delivery order/s from the driver.

Include the following details where possible to help us match the job to the collecting driver when they arrive:

    • Driver Name
    • Company (if applicable)
    • Courier Job Number (if applicable)
    • Courier Driver Number (if applicable)
    • Vehicle Registration #
  • This is simply a notification process and a means of providing delivery orders/documents by email.
  • We will not reply with a booking/pickup number. Driver is OK to arrive after deliver order/s have been sent.
  • Use the below container search to check if cargo has been unpacked from the container and is available for collection prior to sending delivery orders.
  • Please ensure cargo has a clear status prior to arriving.
  • On arrival at our depot, driver to park in marked loading bays and use the intercom located at the front office.



Please enter container number in the field below to obtain cargo availability dates

Attention Brokers: Our AA (QAP) Code is W2163.